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Severin Simko IT Services

Log Management

Log Management comes with a lot of benefits for your business, such as faster and easier troubleshooting and root cause analysis, a universal dashboard for management of all collected logs from a single location and proactive monitoring and detection of unusual events helps you to minimize the downtime in production. Log Management is absolutely crucial for IT Security and Audit purposes.


We have years of experience with the design, implementation, and maintenance of centralized log management systems using Graylog, ELK Stack, and Splunk.


We helped with the implementation of log management solutions for banks, telecommunication, and insurance companies in the Czech Republic, small businesses in Canada, the US, and Switzerland, and designed log management as SaaS solutions for clients in Europe and Australia.

We can help you with:

  • the architecture of your centralized log management solution

  • implementation and configuration of  the log management for you

  • maintenance and long-term support

  • prepare technical trainings for your internal teams

Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure Monitoring helps businesses to reduce downtime and business losses by monitoring all of its systems and applications 24/7/365 and it also helps to identify and resolve early warning signs or limited system capacity that can affect critical business processes.


Features of infrastructure monitoring systems, such as Zabbix, Centreon, Icinga, or Prometheus, allow

 us to monitor a variety of different components, systems, OS, and applications, including Win and Linux servers, network components such as switches, firewalls or routers, virtualization systems, or databases and a single portal gives you insight into the status of these components.


We implemented infrastructure monitoring systems for numerous clients around the world mostly using Centreon and Zabbix. We also helped clients to migrate their old monitoring solutions to modern ones.

We can help you with:

  • implementation of your Infrastructure Monitoring system

  • automation of installation and configuration of SNMP agents on target systems/servers using Ansible

  • development of custom monitoring plugins & scripts according to your needs

  • technical training for your team

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Intrusion detection systems (IDS) check the file integrity and detect the changes in the business-critical applications or OS files, they are also able to perform real-time log analysis, alerting, and active response.


Intrusion prevention systems (IPS) continuously monitor your network, looking for possible malicious incidents and capturing information about them, these systems can be used to identify problems with security policies and detect and prevent vulnerability exploits.


We are using WAZZUH/OSSEC, Suricata, and Snort for Intrusion Detection and Prevention which provide real-time monitoring, alerting, and active response. We are implementing best-practices for monitoring and detection.

We can help you with:

  • deployment, configuration, and maintenance of Intrusion Prevention and Detection systems

  • creation of custom-made monitoring rules and templates for your servers and applications

  • integration of IPS and IDS with Log Management systems

Linux System & Network Administration

Outsourcing of your IT Operations is a cost-effective solution that allows you to focus more on your business-activities and improve your productivity. 


Outsourcing of your IT Operations is a cost-effective solution that allows you to focus more on your business-activities and improve your productivity. 

Our team of experts in Linux and network administration, automation, and cybersecurity is ready to help you with all the technical activities in your business.

We can help with:

  • automation of often repeated or time-consuming technical tasks, such as employee onboarding/offboarding, servers/system deployment, and configuration or regular system upgrades

  • database administration

  • keeping your IT infrastructure up-to-date and implement best practices in IT security, and achieve the efficiency of your IT infrastructure

  • compliance and regulations


 Linux | AWS | Ansible | Virtualization | Apache | Nginx | RHEL | DevOps | Continues Integration | Databases | Git | EC2 | CentOS | MySQL | Route53 | Debugging | Bash | VMware | MongoDB | ElasticSearch

Other topics we can help with


  • in Bash/Shell, Python, PHP

  • implementing REST-API in Python or NodeJS

    • helps you to easier integrate your systems 

    • can be used as a database data manipulation API supporting CRUD functions for MySQL, MongoDB, or PostgreSQL

  • Ansible Scripts - let's automate the installation, configuration, and deployment of your systems!



Real-Time Data Streaming

  • design and implementation of real-time data processing applications using Apache Spark/Storm/Kafka

  • can be used for security purposes or network analysis

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