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About Us

Cybersecurity solutions for Log Management, Infrastructure Monitoring, Intrusion Detection & Prevention, Automation, and IT Consulting and Outsourcing services. 

About Us

"Our goal is to improve the security and availability of IT infrastructure by providing cost-effective, reliable, and high-quality solutions. We are using open-source technologies for our cybersecurity solutions which help to reduce downtime and business losses and provide protection of your business-critical data. We are also offering IT Consultations and Outsourcing services.


Our key strengths are attention to detail, creativity, and flexibility in order to deliver the best results."




Infrastructure Monitoring

SNMP monitoring using Zabbix or Centreon monitoring tools which provide an overview of your infrastructure and server health monitoring.

Log Management

Collecting, analyzing and storing logs from your infrastructure using ELK Stack, Graylog or Splunk.

Intrusion Detection& Prevention

We are using WAZZUH/OSSEC, Suricata and Snort for Intrusion Detection and Prevention which provide real-time monitoring, alerting, and active response. We are implementing best-practices for monitoring and detection.

Linux Systems & Network Administration 

Providing automation and outsourced support of deployment, configuration and maintenance of your Linux systems and applications. Strengthening the security of your network and infrastructure.

"We have been working with Severin Simko IT Services for several years. The work concerns in particular the development and maintenance of our software solution. The cooperation with Severin Simko IT Services works perfectly, Severin Simko IT Services works reliably and on time. The work carried out is of very good quality and we can recommend Severin Simko IT Services at any time."



Daniel Goldinger, CEO at SIRANGA GmbH, Switzerland

Detail-oriented | Reliable | Experienced


The Projects we were working on

SlinkyData - A lead data management platform that allows companies to manage leads

Client: Lendmarx, LLC

Technologies: Python, Django, Flask, MySQL, AWS - EC2/ELB/Redshift

Project Description: A lead data management platform that allows companies to manage leads - data inputs, suppressions, data outputs, manage supplier and buyer orders and view statistics.

We designed Slinky to be a scalable, easy-to-use, centralized platform written in Python-Django framework, with database and infrastructure deployed in HA and running on servers in AWS.

Integrations play a very crucial role in Slinky, we integrated posting of leads to different CRMs such as Leadspedia, contact centers such as Five9, Convoso, as well as, 3rd party systems for lead validation such as The Blacklist Alliance, Xlist, Jornaya Lead ID Validation.

Slinky is a complex, and large-scale project which we started in September 2020 since when we are responsible for the design, implementation, and maintenance of the solution.

Learn More:

Siranga - Platform for automatic setup and management of private cloud servers

Client: Goldinger IT GmbH

Technologies: Ansible AWX, Django, Stripe

Project Description: The platform is a Django application from which customers can automatically set up and manage their own private cloud, the application is integrated with a payment gateway (Stripe) and Ansible AWX which is used as a core system for automation. 

Siranga uses Kopano as its core technology for email and collaboration management, which allows its users to keep track of their e-mails and calendars and to organize themselves with tasks. Later, we also added a secure videoconferencing solution.

The SIRANGA project started in March 2020 and since then we designed and implemented the SIRANGA web application with a fully automated solution for cloud provisioning and management of operating system and applications, deployment of Open-VPN, firewall setup, and configuration using Ansible.

We deployed all of the key components of the solution such as firewall, load balancer, web server, and database in high availability.


SimkoLab - Complex CyberSecurity Platform

Client: Severin Simko IT Services

Technologies: Log Management, Intrusion Detection, Monitoring, Automation


Project Description: Complex CyberSecurity platform in which potential clients can try the services and different open-source technologies that we are offering at Severin Simko IT Services. SimkoLab is the CyberSecurity portfolio consisting of multiple open-source technologies focusing on different CyberSecurity fields.


Long Term Support for Log Management and Infrastructure Monitoring

Client: Cinoware, Austria

Technologies: Graylog, Zabbix


Project Description: Long term support of Graylog and Zabbix and technical training for the internal team.

Implementation of Centralized Infrastructure Monitoring System

Client: Vivanet, Switzerland

Technologies: Centreon


Project Description: Design and implementation of an SNMP-based centralized infrastructure monitoring system using Centreon. 

Log Management

Client: Dial-Once, France

Technologies: Graylog


Project Description: Log analysis optimization for easier and more efficient analysis, creation, and deployment of custom decorators and plugins to increase the readability and custom alerting.​

Real-Time Network Traffic Analysis

Client: CSIRT, Czech Republic

Technologies: Apache Storm, JAVA


Project Description: Development and testing of the network traffic anomaly functions and Apache Storm performance testing.

Real-Time Network Traffic Analysis

Client: Stream4Flow, Czech Republic

Technologies: Apache Spark, Python


Project Description: Development and testing of the API written in Python that controls and monitors the real-time cluster that analyzes network traffic for security purposes.

Security Systems Engineering

Employer: Axenta a.s., Czech Republic

Technologies: Centreon, Syslog-ng, Syslog-ng Store Box, Graylog, OSSEC


Project Description: Design, implementation, and maintenance of Security Operations Center (SOC). General Linux & Network administration related to log management and monitoring.

Real-Time Data Streaming Platform Evaluation 

Client: Wallaroo Labs, U.S.A.

Technologies: Wallaroo, Python


Project Description: Deployment and testing of the real-time data streaming platform Wallaroo. The design & implementation of the real-time network security monitoring use-cases.

Log Management & Intrusion Detection

Client: Value-Ad, Australia

Technologies: Graylog, OSSEC, Syslog-ng


Project Description: Implementation of best-practice intrusion detection rules and centralized log management installation and configuration using Graylog, OSSEC, and Syslog-ng as the log shipper. Ansible used for the deployment automation. 

Intrusion Detection & Integration

Client: Paisaease, India

Technologies: Graylog, OSSEC


Project Description: Intrusion detection implementation and configuration using OSSEC and the integration with Graylog. Implementation of best-practice detection methods and alerting.

Infrastructure Monitoring & Integration

Client: Goldinger IT GmbH, Switzerland

Technologies: Zabbix, bash/shell


Project Description: Development and testing of the API capable of fetching and processing data from the Zabbix monitoring system.

DevOps Engineering

Client: NXLog Ltd, Hungary

Technologies: NXLog


Project Description: NXLog log management development and testing. Integrating NXLog with different SIEM systems and NXLog documentation.

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